4 Fashion habits that are bad for your health

Fashion can be exciting and fun, but some facets of fashion can damage your body and well-being. Here are four fashion habits that are bad for your health.

High heels – High heels are bad for your alignment and will cause you to walk on the balls of your feet, making your torso tilt forward instead of back. Walking on heels will also stress your spine and compress your discs over time. Reducing the effects of heels can take months or weeks to rectify. Look at wearing flats for the majority of your day and only opt to wear heels for special occasions.

Lugging around a heavy bag – Although you may love carrying your designer bag, stuffed with all your essentials, your heavy bag may cause you neck and shoulder Look at carrying a smaller bag and reducing the number of items to the bare minimum.

Dieting for a fashion look – Strict dieting can slow your metabolism and cause weight gain in the long run. Look at following a diet that focuses on eating whole foods and add exercise to lose weight slowly. Invest in clothing that you can comfortably wear now and change your style as your body changes.

Overspending – Splurging on designer clothing and accessories that you cannot afford can leave you with little or no money for essentials like food, rent, and bills. Look at buying clothing you can afford and consider how an item makes you feel instead of its designer label and price tag.

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