4 Classic prints that our always in style

girlossaryThe latest fashion trends feature a lot of prints. You may think that print go out of style and they shouldn’t be part of your staples. Although some prints are trend based, there are a number of prints that will always be in style. Here are 4 prints that you should include in your wardrobe.

Floral prints – Floral prints are timeless because they are very organic to nature. For a daytime look choose lighter coloured blossoms. If you like brighter flowers, choose a mid length skirt and pair it with a solid coloured top. For nighttime prints, choose florals on a black, navy or maroon background.

Plaid- Plaid is very American and versatile. Plaid looked different this season, with larger prints and colours. If you like mixing prints, large plaid squares can look nice with a polka dotted top. Plaid can also be paired as a top for a monochrome pant suite.

Stripes – Stripes are a good way to add interest to an outfit. Classic pale blue stripes with white give a nautical feel to an outfit, which can be worn as day or resort wear. Bold thicker stripes on the other hand, are a fun way to bring contrast to an outfit. Stripes are also great for outerwear in the form of a short or mid length jacket.

Animal prints – Animal prints project a natural/ fierce vibe. You could opt for cheetah, leopard, croc, zebra or python. If you want to make a bold statement choose contrasting colours. For a more understated piece, mix your animal prints with a neutral skirt or pant.

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