How to Introduce Organic Lifestyle Choices into Your Child’s Clothing

Organic cotton is typically grown without the use of chemicals, and isn’t genetically modified. Why has it become so important lately? Here are a few concepts to consider when you think about kids organic cotton pajamas:

  • The way we currently farm cotton isn’t sustainable. We use too much water, and harmful pesticides that have unintended consequences.
  • We treat fabric with harmful chemicals to eliminate wrinkles, which are easy for us to do on our own. Pointless over use of chemicals drives up the cost of clothing, and isn’t natural.
  • The chemicals we treat our clothes with can hurt us. Some of these chemicals have been linked to skin irritation and respiratory problems.

If you’re interested in helping to reduce the risks linked to the exposure of non-organic fabrics, then read on for tips to introduce your whole family to the organic lifestyle.

Shopping Organic

Boys and girls organic pajamas have to mean more than just a buzzword if you want to truly live the organic lifestyle. But, how can you tell? The best place to check, outside of a company’s website, is the label itself.

Girls and boys organic pajamas will have a label that contains the logos of any third-party organizations that have certified the clothing as “organic”. You can even use these organizations like checkboxes, because some monitor farming or the use of dyes, while others monitor manufacturing and distribution. Figuring out which logos refer to which aspect of production will help sort the true organic clothing from the not-so authentic.

Bio: KoraVera sells boys and girls organic pajamas that are truly certified as organic, and available at an affordable price to be shipped direct to you.

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