Dressing for a tricky body type

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There is a long list of body types and they often don’t fall into the regular list, which includes apple, pear, carrot etc. Knowing what works best for your body, is an easy way to narrow your search when using an online shopping portal or visiting physical clothing stores. Here are 2 tricky body shapes and how you should dress to flatter them.

Board shouldered pear shape – Most pear shapes hold their weight on their hips, butt, and thighs, with smaller proportions up top. But if you have broad shoulders too, you will have to balance your proportions. To create balance look at investing in a high-necked dress that is slim fitting. Look at fabrics that drape well and those that are not bulky. You should look at silhouettes that hit your hips and then streamline.

The lollipop shape – This is a mix between busty and apple shaped body. Most of your weight is held at the top, with your large bust and belly, while your legs are slender. Look at investing in oversized outerwear that is knee length. In terms of bottoms, you should be creative and invest in skinny jeans and tights. Another option to add curves is to wear a V-neck wrap dress that is defined at the waist. This will show off your breasts and give you curves at the same time.

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