How to Buy Quality Bedding

Quality of the bedding helps for a great night sleep

Quality of the bedding helps for a great night sleep.

Summary: Learn tips to buy high quality bedding that will last for years.

Let’s face it, bedding costs! You can spend a little bit now and get cheaper fabrics, replacing them year after year, or you can shop for a quality set that won’t break the bank. The quality of materials and fabrics that are used on your bed will ultimately determine how rested you feel in the morning and how soundly you sleep during the night, making it important to learn how to buy quality bedding that you can enjoy for years.

When choosing a duvet cover, it’s important to focus on the style and fabric that is used with the product. Find something that can be changed each season to switch out the print that is used on the bed. A zipper, buttons, or ties should be available to conveniently change out the fabric. Check to see that the material is machine washable to ensure that it can be properly cleaned every few months while maintaining its overall quality.

For quilts, look for an item that has undergone a multi-step finishing process for softer fabric that won’t wrinkle easily. This type of fabric will also be resistant from fading with its color or bleeding when it’s washed.

When looking for bedding sets that will last for several years, choose a high thread count for a softer fabric and purchase a featherbed or a polyester fiber bed to create a pillowtop look. Use wool blankets that have merino wool for linen that is warmer and will feel more comfortable on the skin.

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