Why Vintage Styles are So Attractive Today

One of the hottest trends in the past few years has been the resurgence of vintage engagement rings. Their popularity has risen extensively thanks to unique styles, and a new subculture that has developed around jewellery collectors. Here, we explore what makes vintage so unique in the modern marketplace.

Unique Styles

There are three distinct periods, which have distinct styles that you need to be aware of:

  1. Victorian: typically characterized by rows of diamonds, and often containing an additional facet at the top called a “mine cut”. These pieces can be very intricate.
  2. Edwardian: expect these pieces to contain lots of platinum, and intricate metalwork. Jewellery from this era is marked by filigree, and often contains sapphires (which were quite popular at the time)
  3. Art Deco: art deco rings are very geometric in shape, and use a lot of contrasting colors in both metalwork and gemstones. Pieces also tend to look symmetrical.


The materials these rings used, and the craftsmanship, is a lost art in the mass production of rings. Jewellery is almost always beautiful, but true vintage pieces are elegant and unique. Finding something truly one-of-a-kind, and that suits your style, is exactly what certain brides look for. It’s important to remember that mass produced isn’t for everyone, and vintage often isn’t much more expensive than something off a factory line.

Final Thoughts

Although the hunt for a vintage piece adds to the allure of building your collection, it can be difficult to find a vintage ring that fits your style. Sometimes, custom jewellery from Toronto offers an affordable alternative to settling on a single piece. Time with a consultant, choosing gemstones and settings, can help you develop something you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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