Best Practices for Cleaning Your Contacts

If you rely on contact lenses for vision correction you need to be aware of the different precautions to take to keep them clean. Following some best practices can help you keep your eyes healthy and your vision sharp throughout the entire day.

Avoid Water

No contact lenses, from air optix contacts to more general lenses, should ever be cleaned with water. While the clear and flowing nature of water may make it seem like it is clean and safe to use, water is not a sterile solution. Even the clean drinking water you might find prepackaged in a bottle could contain microparticles that can dirty and possibly even scratch the surface of the lenses. This would ultimately damage them and could make your vision blurry. Furthermore, the germs and small particles can be introduced to your eyes, potentially even scratching or infecting your eyes. Taking this into consideration, it is also important to avoid water when removing contact lenses before a swim or shower.

Buy Fresh Solution

Stick to contact cleaning solution that can effectively clean and disinfect your lenses before you put them back on. Trying to wash your hands without soap would not get rid of all of the dirt. In this case, trying to clean your lenses with just water can prove to be a dangerous habit. Buying contact cleaning solution is one of the best ways to keep your new contacts fresh. Check the expiration date, keep the bottle in a cool environment, and always replace the solution in the lens case before every use.

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