The essentials you need for perfectly stocked gym bag

Nowadays people lead a busy lifestyle that involves a lot of activities in one single day. Therefore, a stocked gym bag is a must to get you from the gym to a date, dinner or back to the office for a quick meeting. Here is a list of items that will get you ready for your workout and whatever comes after.

Gym bag – A good gym bag should have sufficient space for your gym gear, a towel, shoes and an extra set of clothes. Look at a gym bag that has lots of pockets inside and out, plus net pockets that will let you hold items that you can quickly access.

Headphones – A good sweat session needs good Invest in a small iPod shuffle with good quality headphones that will stay put during your workouts.

Shaker bottle – Your shaker bottle will not only hold water, but it will also mix up your pre and post shakes. Look for a good quality shaker that is leak proof.

Nonperishable snacks – You may find that you can get quite hungry before or after a workout. Therefore, adding some snacks like nuts, protein bars or crackers into your bag is a good idea.

Makeup and toiletries – You will need a toilet case with beauty essentials like facewash, shampoo, body wash, deodorant, moisturizer, mascara, bb cream, powder, lip balm, Band-Aids, feminine products, brush, hair ties, and sunscreen.

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