Best Job Interview Hairstyles for women

If you are looking to ace your next interview, you will want to look your best. Your hairstyle is as important as what you wear to a meeting. Here are some hairstyles that will look great with professional attire.

Pretty ponytails – If you have long hair a ponytail can look sleek and stylish if done right. Look at using anti-frizz products and styling cream to tame away flyways to give you a clean, neat look.

Try loose curls – For those with curly hair, look at leaving your hair down but make sure your curls are tamed and away from your face.

Pin one side back – For those who have a fringe or shorter strands in front, you may want to worry less about hair falling on your face while being interviewed. Look at wearing your hair down but pull a side of your hair back with bobby pins.

Style it long and sleek – For those that have naturally straight hair that is one length, look at styling it straight and behind your shoulders.

Side bun it – For jobs that are casual and creative, a side bun is a great way to add some fun. This style will work with straight, wavy or curly hair. Just make sure that the bun is low and at the nape of your neck.

Keep it short – Shorter styles are comfortable and will get you out of the door on time. Look at experimenting with different shorter styles to decide on what you like best.


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