Tips for Designing the Perfect Bedroom for Your Daughter

Designing a fun and unique bedroom for your daughter is a great way to let her express her sense of style and individuality. There are many choices to make including wall color, drape style and picking from a multitude of bedding collections. Let her help to make these design decisions, but be sure to offer proper guidance. This way you’ll both be satisfied with the outcome.

Let the imagination run wild with girls bedding.

Let the imagination run wild with girls bedding.

Color Choices

Purple and pink are popular colors for younger girls. But tastes change with age. It’s a good idea to only paint a single accent wall or small border strips. This way any accents like girls bedding or drapes can be changed out as the child’s taste differs over the years. Silver-blue and white are timeless classics that can offer a serene area for your daughter to enjoy for years to come.


A girl’s bedroom that pops is all about the accessories. Bedding, drapes, throw pillows and other items can all add flair to a bedroom. A clever window treatment or inexpensive chandelier can give a room that little extra something. Try to think outside the box, and allow your daughter some input in the design process.


Maybe your daughter doesn’t like a bunch of extras. A sleek hardwood floor with a small selection of wall-hangings and pictures can create a minimalist look that’s perfect for girls of all ages.

The key to creating a perfect space for your daughter is tying in her interests with the design and accessories used. Try to avoid over-doing it though. A cluttered space with a bunch of pointless knick-knacks can leave a child feeling stuffy and confined. Let the imagination run wild, and create a great place for your daughter to call her own.

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