How to shop for Jeans


Denim is so versatile. You can dress it up, down, wear it to work or for a cocktail party. But finding that perfect pair can be somewhat intimidating. Here are a few rules to make sure you find the perfect match.

Go for dark- The darker the shade the slimmer you will look. Opt for designs with shading on the thighs, which will slim you down even further. If you like lighter shades, go for a boyfriend or cropped styles. These styles are more laid back and better in lighter shades. If you’re choosing a light denim, choose a style that is not tight fitting.

Biggerpockets- The first thing that catches your eye, when someone is wearing jeans; is their butt. If you have a larger/wider butt, buy jeans with larger pockets. This will make your butt look a few sizes smaller.

Seams- Side seams that run slightly closer to the front, will make the wearer look slimmer. Most jeans have side seams that run on the side, which tends to widen the wearer.

Ankle length- Ankle length jeans are great because they make everyone look good and you don’t have to get your jean hemmed. If you’re on the petite side opt for a cropped style.

Mid rise – Instead of choosing a low rise pair of jeans, which can make a shorter figure look even shorter, go for a mid rise. Mid rise styles make your legs look longer, balances your figure and creates a waist.

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