Find Something Unique in Antique Jewelry

Article by Herb Kimble.

Antique engagement rings can be an absolute joy to behold when they are sparkling and polished. Of course, modern styles are beautiful, but antiques offer something that you won’t find just anywhere on the street.

You can get beautiful art deco rings that won’t have a counterpart anywhere else in the world. The geometric patterns are easy to match with the right shawl or cardigan, for an evening out, or with a black dress for the perfect exotic compliment. Remember, art deco is about luxury, says Cynthia Findlay Antiques, so these pieces should be about flash and high fashion. Depending on the piece you choose, you can wear art deco with a variety of outfits.

If you’re struggling to find a piece that matches your wardrobe, consider custom jewellery from Toronto using more colorful gemstones like rubies or aquamarine stones.  The splash of color makes bracelets and earrings perfect for everyday wear, while still offering something appealing and interesting that isn’t readily duplicated.

The challenge when you shop for antique isn’t finding a dealer, it’s finding the piece for you. Be wary of handmade jewelry that looks like the real thing, but most jewelers are very upfront about what they sell. If you’re ever unsure, ask some questions about a piece’s history, its clarity, its metal work or for more information about the history of the piece.

Don’t forget to acquire insurance, and an appraisal for your antique piece. It’s important to know the value of what you bought, and to protect it. The downside to vintage rings is that they are not easily replaced, but with a good insurance policy you won’t have to worry about finding another piece to complete your collection.

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