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Five secret things stylish women do

Article Written by : UNO Art Gallery

Magazines and Instagram feeds often show stylish women, who seem to put together outfits with ease. Putting together an outfit and getting your look right, requires time, practice and knowledge. However, stylish women have some secret tricks that they follow. Here are 5 secret things stylish women do.

3-7-14 Rule – Most people have experienced buyer’s regret when they have brought an outfit that they are less than happy with. Stylish women avoid this mistake by checking in on their outfit on day 3 and day 7. If they still are unhappy with their purchase, they will return the outfit with its tags on within 14 days. This saves them money and closet space for pieces that they will actually wear.

8-hour rule – Stylish women embrace quirkier pieces, but they put their outfit together at least 8 hours before. This means that they aren’t rushed and able to embrace tricky pieces, like a bold skirt and military jackets.

Following trends – There are plenty of trends every season, but pulling them all off can be difficult. Instead, cherry pick the trend(s) that you want to add to your wardrobe. Your choices should suit your sense of style and flatter your figure.

80/20 Rule – Everyone shops on a limited budget, therefore 80% of your wardrobe should include key staples. But spare 20% of your wardrobe budget for spontaneous pieces that you love.

Save outfits – You may get your inspiration from Instagram or from magazines. To take on these pieces, save these looks for later and keep a look out for similar pieces.


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