Latest Hair Trends To Consider

For women that have been considering a change in their current hairstyle, there are tons of new cuts you can try that can transform the way you look and make you feel like a new woman. From straight and shiny, to layered and bobbed, there is definitely a style out there waiting for you to adopt and rock. Here are a few suggestions that are trending and that also may be for you!

Oh Boy!

If you have an angular face and sharp cheekbones, showcase them with a short boy cut that brings them to the forefront. This is a dramatic change that takes the bold woman to pull off, but when cut right, it makes just the right impression.

Hair Jewelry

Accessories are big this year and there’s no reason why you cannot put a few gems in your hair to bling it out. Hair clips, tiaras, and pendants that clip on are a new way to bring a new element to your hairstyle.

Bardot Fringe

Brigitte Bardot was more than just a pretty face. Her hair was the talk to the town and world for many years and with fringe making a huge comeback, now is the time to layer it up and add bangs that take a page directly from the most classic looks of the old Hollywood era.

Pony Up

Tight, sleek, and styled bone straight, the pony is a look that almost every woman has tried a few times and complements a multitude of looks. Get it tight as possible and frame your face in the best way possible. Once you’ve found just the right adjustments, you can have the confidence to know that it is a look you can always have in your arsenal of great looks you can count on.

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