4 Beauty Myths That Are Actually True

There are a number of beauty myths that are completely false. One of them is toothpaste causing chemical burns. Yet there are those that are actually true. In other words, they are totally fact if you will.

Here are 4 beauty myths that are actually facts:

girlossary1: Tight Buns and Ponytails Can Cause Hair to Fall Out

It should be obvious that any hairstyle that pulls at the scalp and root will lead to hair loss. This means it will not grow back for sure. So, avoid the regular topknot for these loose (yet pretty) hairstyles so as to save your hair strands.

2: Rubbing Your Eyes Can Cause Wrinkles

While rubbing your eyes will not directly cause wrinkles, the pulling motion will cause the delicate skin around your eyes to crease back and forth. This will lead to the appearance of premature aging over time. Of course, doing it once won’t cause wrinkles immediately but it isn’t a good habit to develop.

3: Rinse Your Hair With Beer For Thicker, Stronger Hair

It’s the barley and hops used to make beer that makes your hair thicker, stronger and shinier. Apart from this, the alcohol will act as a cleansing agent. Also, it will work to make the hair shaft thicker until your next wash. In fact, it is among the best and cheapest thickening products available.

4: Some Foods Cause Acne Or Make It Worse

While chocolate and greasy foods can cause acne, they won’t necessarily mess with your skin. Of course, there is a list of food that is known to cause acne. Yet everyone’s body will react differently to various foods. So it is a good idea to keep track of your diet to see if something causes an irritation or pimples.

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