Easy Makeup Tips

Makeup is all about embodying a certain look because of the way it makes you feel, says Dev Randhawa. It’s about

Get a base

The foundation chosen depends on the skin type. Thus, whether you have dry or oily skin, there is always something that will work for you. The amount of base applied depends on the power you need. Sheer powder works perfectly for minimal coverage whereas matte powder offers maximum coverage.

Bring out your eyes

You need to make your eyes stand out. This is usually a focal point in a woman’s beauty. Apply some nude colored shadow over the lid to give you some coverage. Then, you might swipe some eyeliner over your upper lid and some mascara to the lashes.

Work on your lips

Lipsticks serve to complete the natural look in any makeup application process. Choose a color that complements your skin tone can be ideal for a bold look. Lights shades are perfect for women that need to look natural and less conspicuous.

These three easy makeup application tips will make you look polished and ready without taking too much of your time. With the right makeup kit, you will always be buzzing with confidence.

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