How to discover your personal style?

Finding your own personal style will give you the freedom and confidence to shop and invest in the right pieces that will build a strong wardrobe. Here are some tips on how to find your personal style.

Get to know your personal style – You want your clothes to show off the best version of yourself while making you feel comfortable and confident. Here are some personal style categories to consider.

Feminine – Feminine styles will flatter the female form and your body type. Look at styles that are well tailored with accessories or in colors that are known to be feminine.

Classic – Classic styles will look away from trends and focus on pieces that are versatile and sensible. Look at crisp white shirts, T-shirts, and classic black pants or a simple black shift.

Modern – Modern styles are fuss-free and fresh. Look at basics that are elevated in muted tones. Silhouettes are often timeless and never over the top. Invest in flared pants with a classic tote and simple well-cut linen tunic to complete this look.

Bohemian – If you love free-flowing styles that are romantic and carefree, you have a bohemian personal style. Invest in maxi dresses, flowy skirts paired with fitted or loose tops depending on your body type.

To gather information about silhouettes for your personal style, look at gathering inspiration online and from magazines. Finding a style blogger that matches your sense of personal style is also a good way to match outfits and find stores that sell to suit your look.


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