7 Style mistakes French women never make

French women are some of the most stylish women in the world. Here are some of the seven style mistakes that French women never make.

Never wear too high heels – French women always want to be comfortable and therefore will avoid wearing sky-high heels. Look at investing in pretty pumps that are comfortable to wear during the whole day.

Never wear a push-up bra – French women like their natural breasts and prefer to wear a bra that fits their breasts.

Never wear clothing with the name of the brand distinctly showing – French women believe that luxury is the way you wear your clothes and showing the brand’s name is unnecessary.

Never wear more than three pieces of jewelry – Excess clutter will only confuse your look, and therefore French women prefer understated pieces that can be worn daily.

Go easy on the makeup – If you are wearing something chic, look at wearing less makeup and if you are wearing casual clothing, look at wearing red lipstick to uplift your look.

Always keep it classic – Avoid investing in on-trend pieces that can only be worn a few times. Instead look at pieces that are classic and versatile as they will always be in style.

Keep your hair natural – French women prefer to limit coloring and to style their hair as it is not possible to maintain this look every day. Look at cutting your hair in a bob or keep it long but one length, which is timeless and always beautiful for any hair type.


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