Fashion that flatters

Every woman should learn to embrace her body, which involves making the most of what you’ve got. Although each of us our unique, our body shapes can be narrowed down to 3 main categories. They are pear, rectangle, and apple. Once you’ve determined your shape you can then decide on which fashion trends you should embrace and which to avoid.


If your pear shaped, your hips would be wider than your shoulders (Think Kim Kadashian). Your bottom is rounded and your waist is well defined. Your best assets is your small waist and defined shoulders. To emphasize these wear clothes that are clenched at the waist and looser at the bottom. (Think A line skirts/ dresses, tube tops and belts)



If your rectangular shaped, your shoulders, waist and hips are similar in size giving you a more athletic frame. (think Natalie Portman). Your best assets are your arms and legs. To emphasize these play with layers and ruched dresses and tops. Add some colour with busy printed skirts and pants to give the elusion of volume. (think ruched , gathered tops).


If you apple shaped, most of your weight will be accumulated above your hips. (think Drew Barrymore). Your best asset are your legs. Show off your legs by opting for short skirts or shorts. Work to emphasize your waist by wearing a belt. Make sure you stay away from bright large prints and opt for solid dark shades. (think monochrome, v necked tops, playsuits).

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