3 Tips to Ensure Your Shoes Last Longer

Most shoes will last for a maximum of five years. But there are ways by which you can make them last longer.

Yes, there are ways by which you can literally make your shoes last forever. Here are 3 tips that should help you do just this:

1: Get Your Shoes Soled

If you’re investing a substantial amount of money on a pair of shoes, then make sure they last. One way to do this is to get them resoled. Not only will you be able to keep this pair but it will work out cheaper than buying new pairs all the time. Cobblers usually only charge about $20-$50 to place a black rubber sole among other colors.

2: Put Shoes Back in Your Boxes Every Night

If you really care about your shoes, then put them back in the box literally after every time you wear them. You can consider them as their beds if that makes sense. In fact, go ahead and place the tissue that they’ve come with and don’t allow them to touch each other either. If you ignore this, then don’t expect your shoes to look as good as you want them to be.

3: Fix Shoe Problems Immediately

Fixing the problem associated with the shoes is necessary. Even if it is your heels that have split in half, make sure you repair it immediately – even in a few hours. Think of it as a wound. You have to treat it with disinfectant and a Band-Aid. In other words, breaks widen, stains will deepen or soles will become uneven. Just remember to act quickly.

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