How to pack for a business trip like a pro

How to pack for a business trip like a pro

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Most business trips include meetings, tight schedules, evening events and late nights. With so much activity, going on a business trip can leave you confused as to what you should be packing. Here are some tips on what you should include in your luggage.

Plan your outfit schedule – Look at how your days are scheduled and what you should wear for each day or event. Since most of your day will be at the office or spent at meetings, look at one outfit during the day with a blazer in a neutral shade. Pair your blazer with different tops, bottoms, and dresses to create different looks.

Wear bulky item on the plane – With limited luggage space, choose to wear items like jeans, jackets, and runners on the plane. These items will keep you comfortable during a long flight and the worn at the office.

Invest in good luggage – If you intend to travel more frequently on business, it is important that you invest in good quality luggage that will withstand air travel. Look at buying a carry-on bag and a shell suitcase that has a secure locking mechanism.

Flat pack – To pack the most items in your suitcase, flat pack everything and fold only when necessary.

Take your snacks – On business trips, meals are not always on time, therefore pack a few protein packed snacks and some protein powder to help you stay full during meals.

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