Steps for an easy wardrobe cleanse

girlossaryIf you have been putting off a wardrobe cleanse since 2015, but this is the year to do your overdue closet clear. Most stylists agree, that smaller wardrobes are more efficient and give you greater variety and flexibility. Here are your wardrobe cleansing tips;

Clear it out – A good cleanse involves a bit of cleaning. You will need to take out all your items and place them on your sofa or bed and then go through each one. If you haven’t worn an item for over a year, it’s best to get rid of it. Make three piles; donate, keep or love.

Do the outfit test – Your keep pile should be items that can make up more than one outfit. To get a good view of how the outfit looks, use a full length mirror.

Be seasonal – This means that you will have to pack away summer items, when winter comes along and vise versa. You can also save a lot by purchasing items at the end of a season which are on sale and save it for the following year.

Divide your wardrobe – Divide your wardrobe by how often you wear that part of your wardrobe. You can then arrange your work wardrobe together, travelling wardrobe together and your fitness wardrobe together. The more often you wear a section of your wardrobe the easier it should be to access.

Hangers – Velvet hangers are great, since they wouldn’t damage your clothes, your clothes wouldn’t slip, they are super slim and cheap. Hangers are better than folding , since you can easily locate and item in a hurry.

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