What to wear when you are overweight

Losing weight still takes some time, therefore to look your best and feel confident till you reach a comfortable size, here are some simple style tips.

Do not settle for less than fashionable clothes – Designers are now aware that women come in all shapes and sizes and include many styles in plus size. Look at adding a few trendy items to your wardrobe and matching them with your basics.

Find well-fitting underwear – Giving your body support will help you feel more confident in anything you wear. Opt for supportive undergarments that are less bulky and comfortable to wear all day.

Wear a bra that gives you lift – Look at bras that give you support and lift to give your figure the illusion of a longer midriff.

Opaque tights – Tights can be worn with almost anything and will smooth out your form from the waist to the knee. It will also reduce chafing if you are in warm weather.

Choose your top half – If your best asset is your top half, look at interesting necklines and necklaces that draw the eye upwards.

Choose your bottom half – Look at wearing dresses that are straight and end at the slimmest part of your legs. Look at pretty sandals or high heels to lengthen your legs.

Sit down in front of the mirror – Sit down in front of a mirror in a dressing room or your own home to avoid buying or wearing outfits that look strained or uncomfortable.

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