3 Essential Questions about Wigs

It’s clear that wigs are enjoying resurgence, if you will. This is due to technology having improved. This has also affected the quality of these products and which is why a number of leading ladies in Hollywood are using a number of them.

Best part: these wigs can also help women with certain medical conditions to enhance the way they look – something that was not possible earlier.

Here are 3 necessary questions about wigs:

 girlossary1: What Are Wigs Made Of? What Types Are Available?

They are made of two types: human and synthetic hair. The natural version is sourced from Asia and will cost much more than synthetic hair. If you require something affordable, then you try a synthetic wig that is heat-resistant. Wigs are best for cuts that fall above your shoulders. Wigs come in a number of styles, colors, lengths and even in individual pieces. It’s recommended that you carry both a winglet and ponytail in your purse.

3: How Much Does a Wig Cost?

You must very carefully before you commit to the costs associated with a wig. Synthetic wigs can cost anywhere between $5 to a few hundred dollars. However, natural wigs can cost you anywhere from $100 to $3000.

4: How Do You Take Care of a Wig?

In order to help keep the wig’s shape, you can either place it on a wig form. This is very similar to placing a dress on a mannequin. Another option which works when you’re traveling involves turning it inside-out. After this, grab the hair in such a way that it becomes a ponytail and move it back to the center of the wig. Now, store it in a box. This will ensure that the hair does not rub the insides of the box.

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