Bedding for a Girl’s Bedroom: Design Tips

Bedding-for-a-Girl’s-Bedroom-Design-TipsIn some ways, choosing girls bedding is like selecting bed sheets for anybody else. Quality is quality, regardless of age or gender. For example, when buying bed sheets, check the thread count. The higher it is, the denser, stronger and more durable the material is. Similarly, bed sheets always come in specific sizes, so measure the bed beforehand.

Consider the girl’s age and interests. An 8-year-old who loves Disney is going to want very different bedding from her 16-year-old sister who loves horses and vice versa. Also consider what else is in the room. For instance, if the girl’s room already has furniture with a set color scheme, choose sheets and quilts that go with it. If everything else in the room is has neutral colors, pick sheets in the girl’s favorite colors. Depending on her tastes, the sheets can be mostly neutral with a pop of color here and there, or they can be a wild mix of colors.

One tricky consideration will be the overall tone of the room, especially since bed sheets can be expensive – and a girl’s tastes are likely to change as she gets older. Sheets with cartoon characters on them might appeal to a five-year-old, but will she still like them when she’s nine? She may decide they’re babyish and not want to use them. One way around the problem is to pick sheets with a theme that works for any age. For example, if the girl loves going to the beach, get sheets with a Caribbean or tropical flavor. A teenager might want sheets with a vintage or historical flavor.

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