4 brands that make swimwear shopping fun and pain free

girlossary may 2016Shopping for swimwear can be a painful process. Although, you may have a swim suit style in mind, once you get to the store and actually try them on, you may find that the fit or quality, changes the entire look of the item. Here are 4 swimwear brands that offer an at-home-try-on program that gives you the chance to test your designs. They also offer free shipping and return policies.

Cocodune – Cocodune is an LA brand that offers soft, long lasting, recycable and machine washable swimwear in minimalistic, modern styles. The company gives their customers the opportunity to try on upto 4 swim suits in the comfort of your own home. You then have 5 business days to return items that you don’t love for free.

Bikyni – This newly established company, offers basic swimwear styles with free shipping and return policy, to make at-home try-ons possible. They also have a mixing and matching tool, that will help you decide on what you should buy.

Wala Swim – This company works as a curator for world wide swimwear brands. The company looks at international swimwear brands such as Australia’s Baku Swimwear and Valimare from London. Wala swim also offers free shipping and returns and gives you access to 147 suits at the moment.

Norma Kamali – Norma Kamali is a well know celebrity brand and dates as far back as the 70’s. The company offers a “try before you buy” service, where you work with your own personal shopper to select a range of pieces, which you can try on at home.

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