Why More People are Choosing Metal-Free Dental Implants

More and more dentists in San Dimas CA are promoting metal free dental implants. They are impressed with this holistic approach to improving the functionality and cosmetic attributes of teeth.

Dental professionals advocate the characteristics of metal free implants, how they practically eliminate issues of traditional metal implants, including soft tissue discoloration and bone deterioration. A non-metal implant improves the patient’s ability to chew normally and better enjoy their food. These implants are biocompatible, incorporated into bone. This means greater stability in teeth and a more natural cosmetic appearance.

For implant cosmetic dentistry in Pasadena CA, metal free procedures eliminate issues with sensitivity and allergies associated with commonly used metals. Holistic dentists appreciate not having to concern themselves with the after effects of titanium and titanium alloy implants. It is not unusual for these components to be composed of different metals and alloys. When these metals are used for implants, there’s the risk of dissimilar metals creating low electrical currents in the mouth, or battery effects, when combined with saliva. If you have silver fillings, the effect can be almost jolting. Studies have also shown these reactions to metal implants can impact health and disrupt nervous systems.

If you’re in a Covina dental office, ask about the advantages of metal free dental implants such as their ability to create a more natural look, and their feel and functionality. Let them show you how the process creates a strong and stable restoration, withstanding the most extreme circumstances involving the mouth for decades.
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