6 style mistakes that make you look older

girlossaryUnknowingly women may choose fashion options that make them look older. Most women may not feel old on the inside, therefore they should not portray an aged image to the world. Here are 6 mistakes that will make you look older.

Reading glasses – A thick pair of black framed reading glasses, with a chain to make sure you never loose them, is a recipe for disaster. If can’t opt for contact lenses, you need to invest in a fun pair of reading glasses (think purple with a thin frame).

Gray hair – Keeping your hair fully or partially grey can make you look 10 years older. Instead choose a colour that is close or lighter to your original shade and one that suits your skin tone.

Cardigans – Cardigans lack shape and structure, therefore they do not flatter even the best shapes. A structured jacket or blazer, will give you shape, make you look chic and dressy.

Sensible shoes – If your looking to ruin an outfit, where sensible/ comfy shoes. By all means choose shoes that our comfortable, but stay away from the clunky soles and comfort sandals.

Mom Jeans – Mom jeans are defined as high waisted, peg-leg jeans. They will do nothing for your shape and make you look outdated. Instead, look for mid rise jeans with stretch.

Too much or too little make up – Harsh blushes and dark eye liner can make you look years older. Instead, go into a department store and ask for an everyday makeup application. Then buy the products suggested.

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