Four clever clothes shopping tips

A lot of clothing people buy today, ends up being donated in a few months or are dumped at the bottom of their closets and never worn again. Here are four clever tips to help you make smart choices when shopping for clothes.

Look for quality fabric – Look for fabrics that are heavier, thicker and those that have closer weaves to ensure that your clothes last longer. If you buy online, check the weight and density of the fabric. Fabrics like denim, corduroy and heavy knitted cotton fabrics are all good choices. Fabrics that have at least 2% Lycra will also help your garment bounce back onto shape once washed.

Is the fabric fit for its purpose? – You want to invest in fabrics that suit your garment’s purpose. If for example, you are buying a garment to workout, ensure that the fabric will easily dry when you sweat and is durable.

Weak points – When buying a garment have a good look at how the garment is reinforced near the knees, underarms and crotch areas. These are the first places your garment will tear and therefore should be stitched

Look for clothes that have multiple functions – Getting more wear from your garments means that you have made a good investment. For example, spending on leggings is a good investment as they can be worn by itself or under a dress or skirt. Colors and patterns will also play a big role in how often you wear your clothing. Look at colors like black, brown, gray and white as staples to create a firm base for your wardrobe.


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