Dinner and Dessert at the Angelina Tearoom

If you’re in Paris and you’ve spent your day wandering around the extensive grounds of the Louvre, treat yourself to a scrumptious dinner at the Angelina Tearoom. This iconic tearoom is just a short, pleasant stroll away and, while they’re best known for their decadent hot chocolate, they definitely have what it takes to provide a full course dinner you won’t easily forget.

Start with the Velouté de Châtaignes, a soup made of chestnut cream and pieces of summer truffle. If you’re up for a salad, the Salade de Foie Gras is a great choice. This semi-cooked duck fois gras salad comes with button mushrooms, green beans, tomatoes on the vine, pecan nuts, and lettuce heart. For your mains, try the Suprême de Volaille — an exquisite roast chicken served with mashed potatoes and tarragon cream sauce.

Of course, no trip to the Angelina Tearoom would be complete without an order of the Chocolat Chaud. This rich hot chocolate is enough to be a meal ender but if you’re really looking for dessert, there’s no better choice than their signature pastry, the Mont-Blanc. This famed pastry highlights a unique chestnut flavor that accompanies a crisp meringue and light whipped cream.

From the Angelina Tearoom, cross the street to the Jardin des Tuileries which, at night, provides a different experience altogether. Before you head there, purchase a box of Angelina’s mini macarons to enjoy at the park. After that scrumptious meal, decadent desserts, and a perfect ending with French macarons at the beautifully lit gardens, you’ll recognize the pure bliss of Paris.

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