5 Things Women Think About When Swimsuit Shopping

So, it’s that time of the year. Yes, it’s time to go swimsuit shopping. Yet it can be a daunting task given how conscious women are about their bodies.

That said, here are 5 things that women think when swimsuit shopping:

1: Fitting Room Lighting Can Make a Supermodel Look Ugly

Just thinking about trying new swimsuit can put people in a lousy mood. For one, it’s the way dressing room lighting tend to shine a spotlight on every visible flaw.

2: I Have To Go To The Gym After This

No matter which swimsuit you try on, there comes a point when you feel like you need to start working out again.

3: Has Anyone Tried This On Before? If So, Who?

Of course, you have to keep our underwear on when trying swimsuits. But you can’t help but wonder whether the people before you did follow fitting-room etiquette. Of course, there might be a protective label on the crotch… but you never know.

4: How Dependable Is This String Tie?

Some people have had this nightmarish experience. One day, you’re having some fun in the sun. All of a sudden, the tie gives out and leaves you exposed. Too bad it happens in real life. Yes, to the best of us.

5: Will I Get Weird Tan Lines Wearing This?

Whether it is complex cutouts, multi-strap monokinis or even crisscross backs, spending too much time in the sun can cause you to have weird tan lines. So, it’s important to protect yourself from the rays. Make sure you cover up while wearing sunscreen.

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