5 Tips on being the best dressed on vacation

You have spent a lot of time dreaming and planning your vacation, but making sure your style is on point is a sure way to ensure that you feel your best and have great pictures to show for it. Here are 5  tips on being the best dressed on vacation.

Choose the best brands for vacation wear – There are a number of high-street and designer brands that are great for resort wear. Choose a few that match your style and get a couple pieces that can be mixed and matched with what you currently own.

The power of one – Make your choices easy with one pieces like short sun dresses, maxi dresses and play-suits. These outfits can be dressed down or up, just by changing your jewellery or adding a pair of wedge heels or flats.

The right Swimwear is a must – Making sure your swimwear fits well is a sure way to ensuring you have the most fun in the sun. Although staying on top of trends is a good idea, make sure the pieces you choose suit your body type and bring out the best in you.

Make your swim wear double up as a top – Swimwear in block colors are great to wear with shorts, maxi skirts or minis.

Pack your foundation pieces – These could include a good pair of jeans/ shorts, basic t- shirts, linen shirt/dress and a wrap.


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