The Appeal of Vintage Jewellery

There is an undeniable appeal to vintage engagement rings, driven in large part by a cultural shift in attitudes toward fashion. Part of that has to do with pop culture, and the resurgence of vintage style in everyday life, but vintage jewellery is also elegant and artsy.

It’s Romantic

Antique engagement rings used color and metal work to create intricate designs that mimicked nature, and played on romantic themes. These rings also have different cuts for their gemstones that have made a comeback, like the traditional solitaire.

If you don’t mind spoiling the surprise, you can offer to customize the ring with her. Set an appointment with a jewellery maker like Cynthia Findlay Antiques, and they’ll walk both of you through choosing every aspect of the ring.

It Has History

Adding to the romance is the history of each piece. When estate jewellery has a story to go along with the piece, it makes the experience extra intimate for everyone. The story can be romantic, such as when a man met the woman he would marry for the first time. It might have historic significance, such as a family passing the ring to a daughter who moved overseas for the first time.

The more history the piece has, the more value it likely has (and will accumulate) as well.

It Has Character

Vintage rings were handmade, so the metal work has certain cosmetic effects that end up adding to the ring in a way a mass produced ring could not. Jewellers used pure gold, silver and platinum to create each piece, and gemstones you’re not likely to see in modern pieces. Most of all, these rings are unique, which means you’re not likely to find a match for your engagement ring out in the wild.

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