Modern or Vintage Jewelry: Why Not Both?

Fashion trends change all the time, but vintage styles remain provocative. Vintage engagement rings have surged in popularity as younger couples seek out something unique to symbolize the love they have for each other. It used to be that matching rings was important, but the modern woman wears what she likes.

The great news is that you don’t have to compromise on style, you can do both if you follow these fashion tips while you shop for the engagement ring of your dreams.

Color is a Good Thing

Traditionally, engagement rings either come in gold, white gold or some variation thereof. You’ll find the occasional rose-gold piece, but these are far fewer in comparison to those traditional styles. Antique engagement rings were a bit more creative in their use of gemstone, color of metal and style. That uniqueness makes the piece stand out, and is typically the source of compliments related to the jewellery.

One good idea is to mix colors between your modern and vintage piece. You should be able to determine which colors will fit best for you based on your skin tone, so be sure to try on several pieces before you settle on one to buy.

Shapes Stand Out

Dig through enough estate jewellery and you’re bound to find some art deco styles. These geometric-heavy rings are the perfect blend of retro and modern. Look for bands that repeat their geometric shapes and pair them with something a bit plainer.

According to Cynthia Findlay Antiques, the key to pairing is determining which of the rings will be vintage. Engagement rings tend to be flashier, so most people opt for modern wedding bands.

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