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7 Things your bra fitter wants you to know

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A comfortable bra makes the day a lot more enjoyable. However, most women are unsure of what size of bra they should be wearing. Making an appointment with a bra fitter is a good way to ensure you buy the right bra for your shape and size. Here are 7 things your bra fitter wants you to know.

Getting a fitting is important – Mainly because your boobs can change size regularly and the correct fit will give you the right support and make your assets look their best.

Don’t be nervous – Since bra fitters are professionals they understand that each client’s shape is different and in most cases, you would not even need to remove your bra.

A fitting is not only a measurement – Generally, the fitting will start with measuring your size and then involve trying on many styles of bras.

Your bra should be fit closely around your back –Remember that your bra should not cut into you and this applies to the straps and underwire as well.

Some cheap bras can be great – Sometimes cheap bras work fine, however, if you need more support, you may need to spend a little bit more.

Don’t machine-wash your bras – Washing your bras in a washing machine will cause the underwire to come out. Instead, hand wash your bras, to make them last longer.


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