Choosing the perfect shade of red lipstick

Written by: Daily Makeover Beauty Board

The right shade of red lipstick would depend on your skin tone and undertones. Even though it might seem complicated to choose the right one among so many available shades, you might first off start by considering the guidelines below and testing how the shade looks on you. Several other factors might come into play such as your eye color and hair color, so you might take that into consideration as well when making your choice.

Fair Complexion – Blue-based

Blue-based reds such as cherry colors contrast well with fair complexions with pink undertones. Apart from making your lips pop, this shade would make your teeth look whiter too. To complement the shade, you might keep the rest of your makeup simple with just some like pink blush, black liner and black mascara.

Medium Complexion – Orange-Red

Orange-red shades look great on warmer skin complexions. They work great with neutral makeup on the rest of the face.

Medium Complexion – Blackberry

Blackberry is more of a red-based purple color similar to the color of a good pinot noir. To finish this makeup, you might want to keep the rest of the face quite neutral with some light eyeliner and a berry blush. This makes for a great evening look.

Dark Complexion – Maroon

Maroon is a deep vampy red, but it also procures a very elegant look and has some good rich blue undertones which perfectly flatters dark skins. To complete the makeup, you might opt to keep everything else simple with emphasis on the brows and with a neutral-colored shimmery eyeshadow.

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