Winter Outfit Mix and Matches

Combinations work great when it comes to winter fashion. You would just need to pay attention to choosing the colors that work best for your skin tone and the right cut to suit your body shape and you are ready to start mixing and matching items. The ideas below cater for the items that you most probably already have in your winter wardrobe. You would just need to swap some items and design your own outfits.

Knitted Clothes

Knitted items are staples in winter wardrobes. These kind of fabrics are great for the cold weather as they keep you warm. However, these pieces of clothing are often regarded as being boring. With just some pairing of accessories, you might turn your simple knitted cardigan into a statement piece. You would only have to wear them with a pair of jeans and some tall boots. For accessories opt for a statement necklace.

Oversized Cardigan

If you want to achieve a boho look with your oversized cardigan, you could just choose one in tribal prints. Next you would pair the cardigan with some ankle boots and fringe shoulder handbag. For other accessories, you might also include a scarf and some bracelets to complete your look.

Winter Tunics

Everyone has a winter tunic in their wardrobe. These can also be worn as a dress in warmer weathers or as a top paired with leggings. Winter tunics can be paired with pastel leggings to yield a simple and calm look. This outfit can be accessorized with a long necklace.

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