Easy Ways to Enliven Your Home

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There are few better feelings than relaxing at home after a long day’s work. But when your home environment feels bland or tired, it’s hard to feel as comfortable as you want to be. If that’s the case, then you should consider updating your home. It doesn’t have to be a headache—in fact, breathing new life into your home can be fun, easy, and exciting!

Though this guide will primarily focus on the bedroom and bathroom, much of this applies to the rest of your home. Here’s some advice to get you started on your makeover.

Update Your Bedroom

There’s no more appropriate place to start your makeover than your bedroom, where you’ll be doing your most important relaxing. Consider changing your bedding to trendier colors—the Pantone color guide is an excellent resource for choosing colors and their perfect complements—and many retailers offer set packages for sheets, shams, and comforters. Once you’ve changed your bedding, consider getting pillows that accent the new color. Something as simple as a blanket or throw will go a long way to heighten the sense of luxury.

Look for Exciting New Bathroom Products

Is the mere idea of choosing a theme for your house or bedroom too daunting? Start small by customizing your bathroom. Earthy tones, tropical getaways, and exotic locations can inspire even the smallest of spaces. Reed diffusers will keep the air feeling fresh; a well-designed basket will add flair to boring or empty areas. There are also plenty of shower curtains with high-quality prints out there; the right one can liven up the room. Selecting a bunch of individual pieces isn’t your thing? Bed, bath, and clothing companies often sell themed collections of bathroom products at surprisingly low prices.

Accessorize Wherever You Can

After your bedroom and bathroom are taken care of, it’s imperative that you don’t neglect the rest of your home. Fresh or brightly colored drapes will add a splash of color to a room during the day, and can be drawn at the night for privacy. Again, the pantone color guide is an excellent resource for finding the right color for your room. Complement the drapes with new pillows and blankets.

As you decorate, you’ll likely consider rearranging your furniture. Go with this instinct! An exciting new piece of furniture, such as a daybed or mirror, can also add function and fun to your room. Look to used furniture retailers or consignment stores for big discounts on great pieces. Remember: a new coat of paint can easily enliven an old piece with potential.


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