Essential Skirt Types for your Wardrobe

The skirt is one of the bases of any woman’s wardrobe but there are various styles to select from. If you do not wear skirts on a regular basis, you might consider selecting them in neutral colors so that they can be paired with other clothing items. However, if skirts form part of your regular outfit, you might want to go for colorful or patterned ones to mark a difference.

A-Line Skirt

This type of skirt derives its name from the fact that its shape resembles that of the letter A. The A-line skirt is quite narrow at the waist and goes wider towards the hemline. This type of skirt can be worn calf length, knee length or even ankle length. These are not often worn at formal events and are more suitable for semi-dressy or casual occasions.

Broomstick Skirt

This skirt can either be worn knee-length or at the ankle. It has a particular wrinkled appearance and contains three or more seams that are wrapped around the skirt forming layers. It is suitable for semi-casual or casual events.

Bubble Skirt

This type of skirt comes with a fitted waistline or an elastic waistband. It looks scrunched at the hem making it appear baggy. The bubble skirt can be worn to dressy occasions when the skirt is made out of noble materials such as satin.

Circular Skirt

The circular skirt takes the form of a perfect circle when it is laid out flat. When the skirt is worn, it drapes down the curves of the body in waves. This is suitable for casual and semi-dressy events.

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