How to Choose a Chic Summer Dress

Written by: A Fashionable Mind

A summer dress is a staple in your summer wardrobe. Whether it is to attend a summer garden party or a summer wedding, choosing the right summer dress needs certain considerations. The following tips can help you find that perfect dress!

Choosing the right fabric
Although design is very important in the overall look that the dress would give you, the material holds an equal importance. Choosing the right material would enhance your comfort, which is most welcomed especially during hot summer days. You might opt for a light fabric such as cotton which is very absorbent or a flowered linen or lightweight denim fabric. For patterns, try to look for something lightly floral and sophisticated.

 photo Chic-Summer-Dress_zpsazf6vnf3.jpgLength
A maxi summer dress can be ideal for evening parties. Chic summer dresses are often made up of a long skirt that can be streamlined or flared out which provides a whirling effect as you walk along during the party or dance throughout the night.

Colors and designs
Even though you are wearing it during summer, a chic summer dress does not necessarily have to be bright-colored all over. Opt for a dress that blends bright colors with neutral colors or even some cool colors. Blending brights with other colors would bring a more sophisticated appeal. For design, you may opt for a dress that complements your body type and enhances your features.

Sleeveless dresses are more comfortable in summer and showing some arms would make you look cool and fresh.

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