Eyeshadow Application Tips and Tricks

Choosing the right color
The right eyeshadow color for you would depend on the color of your eyes. For example gold colors and browns will look good on blue eyes. Pink and brown colors complement green eyes. Blue, green and deep aubergine suit brown or dark brown eyes. Colors like taupe and lavender can be worn with almost any eye color.

Choosing the best applicators
You often receive foam applicators when purchasing drugstore brand eyeshadows. However, the best tools to apply eyeshadow are brushes. You would basically be needing a medium brush to apply your neutral colors and another one for your crease. For the highlighter color, opt for a small blending brush. An angled brush can be used to apply eyeshadow as a liner.

Choosing the desired effect

Smokey eye – If you want to create the classic smokey look, focus on keeping the color on the eyelid and just below the lower lashline. The color should not be extended beyond the crease.

Brighten your eyes – Applying a small amount of a light eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eyes would make you look for awake.

Blending is the key if you want to create a look with several colors. Blending would bring harmony from each color used in the makeup look.

If you want to keep your eyeshadow vibrant throughout the day, apply a primer first on your whole lid. The primer will set your makeup correctly and make sure it stays on for longer.


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