Makeup Tips for Brides and Photoshoots

The wedding is one of the most important day in a woman’s life. In order to feel and look your best during the ceremony, reception or on any photoshoot, the bridal makeup is essential. The tips below might help you avoid certain makeup mistakes.


Oil-free products are more convenient for photo sessions held in warm temperatures. When days are warmer, the skin would tend to sweat and release sebum more. With a primer, foundation and moisturizer you would be able to keep the face oil-free. Blotting sheets are also ideal for makeup retouches.

Makeup Rehearsals

The camera tends to tone down the makeup that you would be having on. It is therefore recommended to wear more makeup than what you normally would for a photo session. If it’s for a big occasion such as a wedding, makeup rehearsals can be carried along with test photo sessions just to determine the output.


Regular daily makeup might not be requiring the use of a primer. However, for important events, the primer is necessary to be able to hold up the makeup and make it last longer. The primer is usually applied after a moisturizer and before foundation. For summer the primer can be chosen in a light texture and matt finish.

Eyebrow Pencil

The camera is normally not flattering for people with thin eyebrows. A well-defined eyebrow looks good on photos. It allows the features of the face to stand out. The ideal color for an eyebrow pencil would be in a shade lighter than your natural eyebrow color.

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