Tips for Styling Cardigans

Cardigans are definitely one of these clothing items that each women has in her wardrobe. They often come in various shapes, colors, sizes and prints. However, not all cardigans are made equally. Some of them are best worn by a certain body type and others for specific occasions and outfits. The tips below will help you avoid looking stumpy or wide while wearing cardigans.

Waist-length or Cropped Cardigan

The most traditional and common style of cardigan is the waist-length one. Waist-length cardigans should not be worn with long tops. The differences in length is not flattering for most body shapes and the proportion would seem quite off. This type of cardigan should instead be worn with flare dresses or high waist skirts.

Oversized Cardigan

Nothing feels more comfortable than an oversized cardigan during winter chills. Oversized cardigans with Aztec prints are quite trendy. However, these pieces might be tricky to style. Since the cardigan is already loose, bottoms would need to be kept quite fitted. For instance, boyfriend jeans and maxi skirts would need to be avoided. Skinny jeans would look better with this type of cardigan.

Wrap Cardigan

A wrap cardigan is quite similar in shape to the oversized one, except that it is more fitted and has less bulk. This type of cardigan should not be worn with short skirts. The length of the cardigan would create an unappealing proportion. These should instead be paired with tight jeans or leggings. They are more suited with any clothing that would bring an elongated look.

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