Statement-Making Jewelry for Every Kind of Dress

Jewelry are great complements to dresses. Whether you want to give it a chic look or make things look a little fancy. This list of statement making jewelry will help you choose the right piece of jewelry.

Halter dress with layered bracelets
Halter dresses already offer a busy view on top. Wearing a large necklace or big earrings will give the impression of too much going on. Instead, opt for some layered bracelets. These will drive some attention to your arms and let you play a little by stacking your bracelets.

Deep V dresses with Pendant Necklace
Deep V dresses provide the right amount of space for your to show off a pendant necklace. You just need to consider a chain that is of an adequate length not to get lost in your cleavage area.

Sweetheart dresses with Short Statement Necklace
You can wear your favourite bold statement necklace with a sweetheart dress. The only thing to be mindful of is that the necklace should be relatively short in order to draw attention to your face.

Tank dresses with Ear Cuff and layered rings
Tank dresses are casual and cool and give the impression of lightness. It would not be a good idea to clash that lightness by adding on some heavy jewelry. Instead, focus on drawing attention to other parts of your body such as your face and hands. Ear cuffs are just the right accessory for that. Same goes for layered rings which will balance your look.


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