Things you should know before you color your hair:

Dying your hair for the first time could turn out to be a risky experience. Therefore, it is best if you do a thorough research and consider a few things before you go ahead with the hair dying. If you chose to do this yourself, these important guidelines from salons like Danie’s Beauty Salon could be useful:

Remember to conduct a swatch test before you color your hair. This can be done by applying some dye on a small patch of skin on the nape of your neck. Then wait for some time to check for an allergic reaction.

You could go for highlights instead of full head color, as highlights are easier to maintain and do not require touch-up.

For a full head color, you must be prepared to get touch-ups every 6-8 weeks, as the hair grow about ½ inch every month.

It is important to remember that the dull, brittle and damaged hair is quite difficult to retain the color of the dye. It is therefore advised to go for a trim before you get your hair colored.

Always remember that the clarifying shampoo must be used before you apply the dye, as it tends to give a nice and clean surface on which the color can be applied, thus helping the shade to last longer.

Replace your regularly used shampoo to a shampoo and conditioner especially made for color-treated hair.

Keep in mind your skin’s undertones, before you pick a shade of your hair color. This will help you get a hair color that suits you the most.

Be prepared for the fact that you might not get the exact color on your first try. Therefore, it is better to discuss this with a professional hair stylist, as the color of the dye can be changed according to your requirements.

You do not have to wait a few days before you can wash your hair. Recently dyed hair can be washed the next day.

Your colored hair can lose their color in the sun, pool water and wrong type of shampoo and conditioner. Therefore, you must be keeping these things in mind while taking care of your hair.

Always conduct a thorough research about the salon from which you are getting your hair dyed. You should have a clear idea about their available services and their rates. It is better to discuss what type of hair color you are looking for with your hair stylist, so that the whole experience does not turn out to be a disaster.

Try to choose a color that is the easiest to maintain like ginger color. Red color is the hardest to achieve and maintain.

All these things listed above are vital to keep in mind before you color your hair, as they will ensure that you get the color that is most suitable to you, thus making you look good. If the task is daunting then visit one of the many Beauty Salons in Glendale, CA. and get it done by a professional.

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